Jackson Mac Low

Meaning Abounds: Mac Low’s Anti-Saussurian Reading-as-Performance

In my plateau, “Noisy Inging: The ‘62 Mesostics re Merce Cunningham’ as Anti-Exegesis,” I suggested that the Cage’s Cunningham mesostics, in their refusal of exegetical interpretation, become “notations for a reading public, who perform the piece … as they read” (https://genericpronoun.com/2013/07/16/noisy-inging/). Considering how involved both Cage and Mac Low were in the artistic-performance community, it … Continue reading

Jackson Mac Low

“Freely Revised and Edited”: Determinism and Authorship in Jackson Mac Low

The Cunningham mesostics mark an important starting point for John Cage’s indeterminate, or chance-produced, poetry. They are, as Jackson Mac Low asserts, the point at which Cage “began to write ‘asyntactical’ mesostics” (“Cage’s Writings”  220, italics added). They, thus, serve as an important jumping-off-point for a postanarchist discussion of the relationship between indeterminate poetics and … Continue reading

John Cage

No Authors: Postanarchist Solutions for Practical Reading/Writing

Most Often Misunderstood: Cage’s Use of Chance As I have suggested earlier, with the exception of the recently published articles by Weaver and Braune, the only author to give more attention than a few sentences to the Cunningham mesostics is Cage’s fellow poet Jackson Mac Low, who writes of this sequence, albeit still quite briefly, … Continue reading