Ex-static Indeed: A Static Reading of Susan Howe

In this plateau, I would like to redirect the many discussions of the experimental visual elements of Eikon Basilike by viewing these visual disruptions, first and foremost, as a kind of joyful proclamation rather than as violence or a reflection of violence as they are typically understood. While Eikon Basilike is ostensibly a poetic discussionContinue reading “Ex-static Indeed: A Static Reading of Susan Howe”

nnfortunate subjectivity in _Eikon Basilike_

Beginning work on Susan Howe is a daunting task because she has garnered so much critical attention. My own scholarship on Howe in this project will focus on one of her most popular texts, A Bibliography of the King’s Book, or, Eikon Basilike, a text that has frequently been the focus of critical scholarship. ForContinue reading “nnfortunate subjectivity in _Eikon Basilike_”

Appropriating Harryette Mullen

While I maintain that the critiques of identity and erasure that make up my first five plateaus on Mullen, I cannot help but feel that they do not adequately address the ways in which she works, in Sleeping with the Dictionary, to construct a language of the minor – to again bring deleuzoguattarian terminology introContinue reading “Appropriating Harryette Mullen”

Imagining the Renegade Author of _Sleeping with the Dictionary_

Necessarily tied into my last plateau’s concerns with the Author of Sleeping with the Dictionary and her relationship with the reader are the issues of selfhood and identity politics that permeate this project. Mullen’s relationship to authorship and authority is complicated in some obvious ways, for example through her use of “sampling” and allusion, whichContinue reading “Imagining the Renegade Author of _Sleeping with the Dictionary_”