2 thoughts on “Twine: Making These Plateaus Hypertextual

  1. I’ve only quickly looked at the Twine/Spahr thingy. It is very interesting to read your thoughts in this way. But I fear I’m much too old for such a snazzy experience…. The young kids will probably go mad for this much cool, though.

    1. I feel like you’re definitely not old enough to say things like “The young kids will probably go mad for this much cool”… Honestly, Andy! It’s hypertext. People have been doing hypertext for twenty years.

      I like the hypertext model because it really becomes “thoughts about a text” rather than “I’m making one giant point that you need to agree with in the end.” I wonder if it’s too fragmentary, though.

      And, if you want to get to know hypertext (for you and anyone else who reads this and wants to know), my favourite work is Michael Joyce’s afternoon, a story. You can read it here.


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