We’re Back!

Welcome to the relaunch of [generic pronoun] creates!

This site had a great run as the locus of my doctoral studies, but as I move from graduate student to adult-like academic thing, I want to revamp this site for further research. I will continue to update every Tuesday with scholarship that I am working on and thoughts on new poetry, new issues in poetry, and that sort of thing.

Want to get involved in [generic pronoun]?? There are a few ways you can help restart this site!

1. I’m looking for a fab graphic designer to work with me to make a logo! I can pay you, but not too much because I am poor. Email me at genericpronoun [at] gmail [dot] com if you’re interested. We could also maybe work together to make this website something more than just a revamped WordPress template!

2. I’m looking for guest academic bloggers!! Once a month I’d like to invite another scholar (emphasis on junior scholars and graduate students) to post on their work. Let me know if you’re interested in a comment here!

3. INTERVIEWS! This is a new thing I want to add to this site to focus on all the voices needed for collaboration. Want to be interviewed? Have someone you want to interview? Let me know!

Looking forward to posting next week with lots of new scholarship and poetry and love.

xoxo, d


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