Anarchists in the Academy: Machines and Free Readers in Experimental Poetry

My first scholarly manuscript, Anarchists in the Academy, is coming soon (May 2018). You can see the cover and read the catalog copy right hereAA is the heavily revised version of my doctoral thesis, so much of it had it’s birth right on this website, and now it’s going to printed into a silly little book about machines that write poems and make some real, agential space for people to READ. More than anything else, AA is about readers.

Just want to shout out some quick thank-yous to the people who made this book happen: Andy Weaver, who is excellent and challenging and thorough and super in love with the Oxford comma; Stephen Cain who is meticulous; Art Redding who is a badass; Richard Teleky who says the things that need to be said, usually delicately; Craig Dworkin who is encyclopedic and exciting; the workshop people (who know who they are) for reading this a million times; J. Paj for listening to the typing nails forever; and, my parents, who I love…I love you, Houston.

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