Détours: Unresolved Questions about JR Carpenter’s in absentia

The following is adapted from a paper presented at ACCUTE Congress (18 May 2016, Calgary, AB).  This post will examine the digital potentials for feminist and activist mapping by looking at the important electronic literature example of J.R. Carpenter’s in absentia. in absentia appropriates the now ubiquitous format of Google maps—using both the mapping and “streetContinue reading “Détours: Unresolved Questions about JR Carpenter’s in absentia”

Subsequent Screenings: The Legacy of bpNichol in Canadian Digital Poetry

This post is largely taken from the paper I delivered in Patrick Durgin’s “Artists Who Write Objects” seminar at SUNY Buffalo’s “Poetics: (The Next) 25 Years.” It is a substantial revision of my NeMLA paper. This paper began, as my title clearly indicates, as an attempt to track the influence of bpNichol’s pioneering work of digitalContinue reading “Subsequent Screenings: The Legacy of bpNichol in Canadian Digital Poetry”

Code X: Experiment as Digital in Canadian Elit

What is elit? Because this is a digital humanities panel, I am assuming that I don’t have to do too much work in defining electronic literature or arguing for its inclusion in literary study. But, because this is a paper on definitions I would hazard only this problematic in terms of defining the field. ByContinue reading “Code X: Experiment as Digital in Canadian Elit”

Guest Post!: Andy Weaver on Robert Duncan

Hi all. Sorry for the most recent radio silence. I recently took over a course directorship and it’s been taking up all my time for the last little while. Seems that this is the perfect opportunity to share with you all the first guest post proper on [generic pronoun], my ever-brilliant former supervisor Andy Weaver‘sContinue reading “Guest Post!: Andy Weaver on Robert Duncan”

State What: The Anarcho-Conceptual Syndicate’s Politically Responsible Conceptual Writing

I will admit, as most “readings” of conceptual poetry must also admit, that I have not read Scaffold in its entirety. But I should like, at this point in my digestion, to share with you readers my first feelings about the text and the way that it engages with the existing literature of conceptualism. MyContinue reading “State What: The Anarcho-Conceptual Syndicate’s Politically Responsible Conceptual Writing”

Work in progress: Suci Vidal

Slittinus g her wrists like a Stoic with laurel trees imported from Italy, buy”> om Itat, the Lisbons’ station wagon tri ason waged to sneak by in the darkness. We saw at once tippaw at hat Bonnie, as children ts As chiwe had expected, Cecilia merely seemed balanced on the pole like a girwole liymnastContinue reading “Work in progress: Suci Vidal”

Try to Shut Your Screensaver Off: Interacting with Non-Interactive Literature

In the brief preface before Dream Life of Letters, Brian Kim Stefans explains how the poem began, interestingly, as an analog poem written by alphabetizing the words in a response to gender and literature given by Rachel Blau DuPlessis in an e-mail roundtable. Stefans rearranged the words of DuPlessis’s piece into alphabetical order, but hisContinue reading “Try to Shut Your Screensaver Off: Interacting with Non-Interactive Literature”