State What: The Anarcho-Conceptual Syndicate’s Politically Responsible Conceptual Writing

I will admit, as most “readings” of conceptual poetry must also admit, that I have not read Scaffold in its entirety. But I should like, at this point in my digestion, to share with you readers my first feelings about the text and the way that it engages with the existing literature of conceptualism. My … Continue reading



Hi all, Just wanting to post here to alert you to the fact that [generic pronoun] now has a beautiful, radical logo from the brilliant Eric Schmaltz. If you like it, you should think of checking out his stuff (which is everywhere), and especially to check out his upcoming exhibit “The Assembly Line of Babel” … Continue reading

Brian Kim Stefans

Try to Shut Your Screensaver Off: Interacting with Non-Interactive Literature

In the brief preface before Dream Life of Letters, Brian Kim Stefans explains how the poem began, interestingly, as an analog poem written by alphabetizing the words in a response to gender and literature given by Rachel Blau DuPlessis in an e-mail roundtable. Stefans rearranged the words of DuPlessis’s piece into alphabetical order, but his … Continue reading