The Desiring Machines driving & God & does & gaits & does & given” & desiring-machines. & go & do & Given & description & glows,/ & does & general & distinctions, & glaring, & delirium– & goal & D.H. & goal. & desiring-machines, & governing & draws & grafted & desiring-production & going &Continue reading “HOW TO DO THINGS WITH DELEUZE & GUATTARI: Anti-Oedipus”

Appendix(n): A Treatise on the Dissertation Form

As a digital, hypertextual project, my dissertation is made up of twelve sections (you are approaching the end of the first, there will be one more for each primary author). Each section is approximately twenty-five to thirty print-pages, and each shares three primary concerns: how is authorship contrived, complicated, or restricted? how is the commonalityContinue reading “Appendix(n): A Treatise on the Dissertation Form”

Appendix(n): A Note on “Terrorism”

I realise that in 2013 in North America, I write about terrorism in a vastly different political climate than the one in which Bey wrote in 1985. I am also acutely aware that my use of the term is not without political motivation or desire for controversy. Following the attacks of September 11th, 2001, theContinue reading “Appendix(n): A Note on “Terrorism””