Hi all, Just wanting to post here to alert you to the fact that [generic pronoun] now has a beautiful, radical logo from the brilliant Eric Schmaltz. If you like it, you should think of checking out his stuff (which is everywhere), and especially to check out his upcoming exhibit “The Assembly Line of Babel” … Continue reading


We’re Back!

Welcome to the relaunch of [generic pronoun] creates! This site had a great run as the locus of my doctoral studies, but as I move from graduate student to adult-like academic thing, I want to revamp this site for further research. I will continue to update every Tuesday with scholarship that I am working on … Continue reading

Appendices / Introduction

Appendix(n): A Treatise on the Dissertation Form

As a digital, hypertextual project, my dissertation is made up of twelve sections (you are approaching the end of the first, there will be one more for each primary author). Each section is approximately twenty-five to thirty print-pages, and each shares three primary concerns: how is authorship contrived, complicated, or restricted? how is the commonality … Continue reading