Try to Shut Your Screensaver Off: Interacting with Non-Interactive Literature

In the brief preface before Dream Life of Letters, Brian Kim Stefans explains how the poem began, interestingly, as an analog poem written by alphabetizing the words in a response to gender and literature given by Rachel Blau DuPlessis in an e-mail roundtable. Stefans rearranged the words of DuPlessis’s piece into alphabetical order, but hisContinue reading “Try to Shut Your Screensaver Off: Interacting with Non-Interactive Literature”

Videating the Dream Life of Letters

  To start off this blog again, I want to refocus my work on digital poetry. As the conclusion of my doctoral project states plainly, even my work on print-based poetry is influenced by the radical potentials of electronic literature and the scholarship surrounding the production of born-digital poetry. My first few posts as IContinue reading “Videating the Dream Life of Letters”