The Wizard of Soliloquy: Affect and the Digital Conceptual Text

In Uncreative Writing, Goldsmith cites Marjorie Perloff’s idea in Unoriginal Genius that an updated concept of literary genius would account for “one’s mastery of information and its dissemination” (1), and would thus have nothing to do with the dissemination or transport of affect, emotion, or feeling. In many ways, Goldsmith’s numerous poetic projects carried outContinue reading “The Wizard of Soliloquy: Affect and the Digital Conceptual Text”

Kenneth Goldsmith’s “truly populist” Soliloquy

I would like to start to bring this project to a close by way of a coda on conceptual writing, which will last for the next four weeks and will include two five-page discussions on each of the following four poets commonly associated with the conceptual school: Kenneth Goldsmith, Vanessa Place, Christian Bök, and DarrenContinue reading “Kenneth Goldsmith’s “truly populist” Soliloquy”