Conclusion Part Four: Moving Forward; or, How to Print the Internet

As per Melissa Dalgliesh’s request in her comments on my second conclusion post, I have decided to end the digital portion of my project with some discussion about how this blog will be transformed into a print-based dissertation that I will defend to complete the requirements for my doctoral degree. I do this for twoContinue reading “Conclusion Part Four: Moving Forward; or, How to Print the Internet”

Conclusion Part Three: Postanarchism and the Digital

Does this mean that a postanarchist literary theory is best suited to study digital poetics? I am hesitant to go this far. But, what it does mean is that postanarchism is a political and literary theory bound to its sociohistorical context, and in this way it must embrace the digital in a way that HakimContinue reading “Conclusion Part Three: Postanarchism and the Digital”

Conclusion Part Two: What Can We Learn from Digital Poetics?

What I want to add to a postanarchist literary theory, then, is that it must embrace all work as containing the potentials and the limitations of a digital poetics. This is probably a very controversial argument, but one that has its roots in studies of digital poetry. As C.T. Funkhouser illustrates in his seminal work,Continue reading “Conclusion Part Two: What Can We Learn from Digital Poetics?”