the tapeworm foundry as (mal)content

In this plateau, I would like to characterize the tapeworm foundry as “(mal)content,” a more or less throwaway term that Wershler uses in his exchange on the poetry website, Circulars, with fellow poet and digital humanist Brian Kim Stefans for the anthology New Media Poetics: Contexts, Technotexts, and Theories. Before I get into what exactlyContinue reading “the tapeworm foundry as (mal)content”

Handwriting the tapeworm foundry

I end the plateaus-proper with a couple of posts on another wildly popular text of conceptual poetics, Darren Wershler’s (who at the time published under the name Darren Wershler-Henry) the tapeworm foundry (2000), a book I have personally enjoyed a great deal since discovering it many years ago. While I had always planned on endingContinue reading “Handwriting the tapeworm foundry”