OO Communal Poetics Celebration

As a way to revive some of what we lost when we had to cancel the launch for my most recent book, OO: Typewriter Poems (Invisible Publishing, 2020), I’ve invited some of my fave poet friends to respond to the work in OO with their own writing. You can check out what they wrote/made here:

Amanda Earl, o fleurs 


Andy Weaver, “Martin Heidegger Contemplates Double Zero”

Weaver Thumb

derek beaulieu

Beaulieu Thumb

Gary Barwin, “dani variation”

Barwin Thumb

Kate Siklosi, “no tea no shade”

Siklosi Thumb

Kyle Flemmer, from Barcode Poetry

Flemmer Thumb

Paul Dutton, OO Olivetti Suite

Dutton Thumb

Pavel Zarutskiy, “Dani Spinosa”

Zarutskiy Thumb

Tad Alderson, “O E I E”