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2 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. Hi Dani – a sincere thanks for playing around with c pomes. It’s a very early work exploring how tensions in static forms create new meanings & movements through space — & you picked up on that really well. very cool. A friend gave me the link to Rob McLennan’s blog with some of your intricate & fascinating work. & then I clicked here. Excellent! Best regards, Hart Broudy

  2. Hi there!

    Thanks so much for checking it out and for commenting. Nice to know you like the playing and glad that you don’t mind that I added some ooooos to your cccccccs. I often think about how much I get to cheat by using photoshop when you made your work beautiful without Adobe’s help.

    While I potentially have your attention, do you know the year for the Ganglia publication of c pomes? I’d be happy to hear any other information about or thoughts on its publication. Feel free to email me at genericpronoun [a]



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