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So, I think I am officially over my weekend-long love hangover following the launch on Thursday of Anarchists in the Academy. Honestly, you guys were the best friends and family I could have ever hoped for. This book took a really long time. A really long time. And you guys helped me through all of it: … Continue reading


Official Launch of Gap Riot Press

Kate Siklosi and I are proud mamas of the newly-birthed Gap Riot Press, a Toronto-based, feminist, women-run micropress publishing chapbooks of the best new experimental, visual, and political poetry focusing on marginalized writers. You can find out more by visiting our website,, or by following us on Twitter, @gapriotpress. The fabulous logo on this … Continue reading


A Purely Financial Collaboration: Joyce as Computer in John Cage’s Writing Through Finnegans Wake

This paper was written to be presented to the North American James Joyce Association’s 2017 Conference: Diasporic Joyce on the panel “Joycean Diaspores in Contemporary Poetry and Writing” (chaired by Sean Braune). The panel will be presented tomorrow, 22 June 2017, from 1:30-3:30pm Victoria College Room 212.  While much has been made of the collaborative … Continue reading