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OO: Typewriter Poems, Invisible Publishing, 1 April 2020.

Praise for OO: Typewriter Poems

“I’m so glad this book exists—for what it means not only to me to read it now, but for what it will mean to others who are looking for a way into vispo that speaks to them and their lives. I love that it exists for the people who are going to be totally blown away by Spinosa and Siklosi’s conversation, having never read anything quite like that before. This book is a real gift to vispo, its fans and present and future practitioners.” Helen Hajnoczky, A Teacozy Is a Sometimes

“Dani Spinosa’s latest book of poetry is a collection of glosas that is conceptually radical, formally daring, and stylistically wonderful—as smart and imaginative as anything one should by now expect of Spinosa.” Clayton Longstaff, Canadian Literature

“The fifty typewriter poems in this volume are both thought provoking and beautifully crafted.” Jill Mandrake, GEIST

“This collection is both Spinosa’s personal study in the history of visual and concrete poetry as well as a collection of original works… She’s clearly done her research, and if one were even to put together an anthology of or essay on the history of concrete and visual poetries, this would be the list of names included. Or, given Spinosa’s deliberate inclusion of these multiple women practitioners, this is the list of names that should be included; and hopefully, in part through Spinosa’s work, a list of names that will no longer be overlooked.” rob mclennan

“Because the glosa, which builds a highly structured rhyming poem around a seed quatrain from a source text, is firmly rooted in the lyric, Spinosa has to find other ways to both quote and write through or around or over her sources. As she acknowledges in the introduction, even quoting a line from a concrete poem, much less an entire quatrain, can prove difficult as visual forms tend to challenge the convention of the line, but she more than manages this feat. The poems in the collection capture the aesthetics, the feel, of the texts they reference. Perhaps more importantly though, Spinosa’s intervention in those texts unifies them. OO reads as a collection not an anthology with its poet, in the spirit of the glosa, paying tribute to influences and inspiration.” Ryan J. Cox, Prairie Fire

“Dani Spinosa’s OO pushes buttons, turns keys, and swipes, steals and homages all over poetry. Every poem demands you LOOK AGAIN! and see where voices slip between the keystrokes. Extravagant, interruptive, declarative and a real kick in the eyeballs.” derek beaulieu

“WTF does Dani Spinosa think she is doing copying all these (mostly) male poets? Lock up your typewriters! Hide your anthologies of classic visual poetry! Protect yourself and the literary tradition from the stealth interventions of Spinosa, who is (mis)appropriating works by every conceivable author of graphically scored verse in the name of some kind of femmeship that involves conversations with the dead as well as the living. The former are silent on the matter and the latter? We shall see. Rarely has mimicry been used to such high-level hermeneutic ends.” Johanna Drucker

“Not only an excellent, well-researched overview of the history and tradition of typewritten visual poetry, but also—what a sly female response to it!” Petra Schulze-Wollgast

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Poetry in Anthologies or Journals

“Flowers for Helen.” Report from the Hajnosczky Society, edited by rob mclennan, 2022.

“New Noise.” Report from the Siklosi Society, edited by rob mclennan, 2022.

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“Shadows Cast by Moonlight.” Incantations, visual poem with audio spell accompaniment by Gavilan Rayna Russom. Séance Centre. 2021

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“Selections from Betical for Jon.” ToCall, vol. 3, p. 3, March, 2019

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Jesse II: Science/Stigmata,”, 2007

“Dear Sylvia,” The Charlatan (Carleton University), 2005

“Untitled,” In/Words Magazine, vol. 4, no. 3, 2004

Visual Poetry in Galleries or Installations

“Dangerously Close to Meaning,” co-authored with Eric Schmaltz and Kate Siklosi, installation in York University English Department Offices, installed 2019

“coding practice” and “rebelling” (Russian translations by Pavel Zarutskiy). Type-In Exhibit of Typewriter Poetry, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2019

“Riddle” and “Fill Up.” Concrete is Porous, Secret Handshake Gallery, October 2018

Betical” (digital poem installation), co-authored with Jon Orsi, =SUM(things), University of Waterloo Critical Media Lab annual symposium, 7 April 2017


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