New Chapbook: Glosas for Tired Eyes (no press, 2017)

I’ve published a chapbook of vispo typewriter glosas with Derek Beaulieu’s no press. Copies are available online through Beaulieu’s website here or by emailing me. Limited edition run like a bootleg record or an expensive action figure. From Beaulieu’s site: 

Taking inspiration from 8 different prominent visual poets, Spinosa has created a series of feminist and revisionist interventions made available by doctoring the glosa form to fit concrete typewriter poetics.

Below is an excerpt from the chapbook, a glosa from bill bissett, for Eric Schmaltz who helped with this book so much, and who knows that there’s nothing left for us millennials except to pay homage to our predecessors.

bill bissett
bill bissett glosa (for eric schmaltz)


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